Four-Level Training Series


Kristin and Pete have created a four level series of trainings highlighting the key work they are doing to help develop and sustain trauma invested environments.  These trainings are intended to build off one another and are strategically designed to empower adults and enhance their self-awareness.  In these engaging and thought provoking trainings, attendees will truly become grounded in developing a common language, a strong education on how stress can impact learning, the importance of creating a culture of safety so all can learn and thrive, learn a multitude of strategies aimed at supporting healthy development for all, and key awareness on how to support adult health and growth.  These trainings are for students, parents, education professionals, mental health providers, coaches, support staff, administrators, and anyone else who has a passion for helping humans.

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Level 1: Trauma is a word not a sentence

  1. Participants will deepen their understanding of key vocabulary and research around childhood trauma, the effect of toxic stress on brain development, and the need for us to create a #TraumaInvested learning environment.

  2. Participants will embrace the need to build self-awareness and tend to their self-care in order to be primed and ready to effectively support their students and children.


Level 2: A Culture of Safety and the New 3 R’s

  1. Participants will deepen their understanding of the value of fostering a safe, predictable, and consistent learning environment – one that is #TraumaInvested.

  2. Participants will be introduced to the new 3 R’s – an intervention model packed full of multiple strategies for education staff and community members to utilize with children and staff with known (and unknown) trauma histories – helping to sustain learning-ready (and teaching-ready) states.


Level 3: Understanding Ourselves; Understanding Others

  1. Participants will deepen their understanding of what it means to create a Positive, #TraumaInvested Learning Environment.

  2. Participants will build empathy and process through scenarios aimed at supporting our most struggling students.


Level 4: Leadership in a #TraumaInvested setting

  1. Participants will continue to deepen their understanding of what it means to create a Positive, #TraumaInvested Learning Environment.

  2. Participants will roll up their sleeves and build a strategic, realistic, intentional plan to become more #TraumaInvested in their practices.

  3. Participants will collaborate and refine their plans to implement #TraumaInvested approaches and mindsets in their buildings in order to support adults and their students in a strengths-based manner.

Kristin’s passion and knowledge were beneficial to our region for schools that were seeking to become more trauma aware, trauma informed, and #TraumaInvested.
— Senior Program Manager for Professional Development