Our Mission

We strive to partner with systems and communities to develop resilience in children, particularly through professional development, coaching, and consultation with professionals working in education, mental health, early learning, and other community settings.

Our Vision

We envision a future where children and adults feel fully supported by their community, know they are capable of making a difference in their lives and their world, and are prepared for successful futures. 


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For over two decades, Kristin Souers has dedicated herself to the improvement of people’s lives. As a licensed mental health counselor, she has provided counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. With a history of working in the fields of early learning, law enforcement, education, and mental health, she has been able to develop an extensive knowledge base. This, partnered with her expertise in complex trauma, the impact of violence, crisis management, counseling, and trauma-informed care, has allowed her to partner with professionals around the development of trauma-informed practices in a multitude of settings.

As an independent consultant, adjunct faculty member at the Gonzaga University School of Education in the Counselor Education Department, Kristin now provides critical professional development, consultation, education, and training services to schools, school districts, and organizations throughout the country. She has presented to hundreds of audiences, facilitated group learning, supervised internships, directed programs, and supported the learning and growth of countless educators, caregiving professionals, and other individuals.

The award winning publication, Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom (ASCD, 2016),  and many articles published in education journals including, "Address Trauma with Calm, Consistent Care: Strategies to Help Educators Avoid Burnout While Keeping Students Learning-Ready" (Principal Magazine, March/April, 2015) and her most recent publication, “Responding to Student Need versus Behavior” (December 2016) have strengthened Kristin’s impact in education.

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Forever changed, not forever damaged.
— Kristin Souers


After a teaching career that spanned preK-8 over three states, Mr. Hall served 12 years as a principal in three Title I schools: Anderson Elementary in the Washoe County (Reno, NV) School District, and Sheridan Elementary and Shaw Middle in the Spokane (WA) Public Schools. Under his leadership, Anderson ES was the only Title I school in the State of Nevada to earn “High Achieving” designation; Sheridan ES earned accolades from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent for its growth and achievement; and Shaw MS earned a Career & Life Readiness Award from the State of Washington.

Mr. Hall’s written works include authoring over a dozen articles on leadership and publishing six books, The First-Year Principal (Scarecrow Education, 2004), Building Teachers' Capacity for Success: A collaborative guide for coaches and school leaders (ASCD, 2008), Lead On! Motivational lessons for school leaders (Eye On Education, 2011) Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building your capacity for success in the classroom (ASCD, 2015), Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom (ASCD, 2016), and The Principal Influence: A framework for building principals’ leadership capacity (ASCD, 2016).

For his tenacious and courageous leadership, Mr. Hall has been honored with ASCD's Outstanding Young Educator Award (2004), Nevada's Martin Luther King Jr Award (2005), and Phi Delta Kappan's Emerging Leaders Award (2009), among others. He was appointed to the Governor’s Commission on Excellence in Education (in Nevada, 2005) and was selected to sit on the National Education Association’s Great Public Schools Indicators Advisory Panel (2010-2011). He holds a National Principal Mentor Certificate from NAESP and serves as a trainer and coach for NAESP’s PALS mentoring program. He also provides extensive professional development services as an ASCD Faculty member. Mr. Hall has worked as a personal consultant/mentor/motivational coach for school leaders, teachers, professional athletes, weekend golfers, stand-up comedians, firefighters, business executives, custodians, and more. A current resident of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he speaks and consults internationally.

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Our children are behaving and reacting to situations exactly as their brains are programmed to do.
— Pete Hall