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Stressed Brains can’t teach and stressed brains can’t learn.
— Natalie Turner

Teacher in Oregon

"Pete and Kristin's message couldn't be more spot-on. They did a really nice job of blending the research with strategies for implementation, and doing so in a way that encouraged us to participate, collaborate, and engage. We're leaving this workshop with a game plan to make a real difference! Thank you!"

Principal in Kansas

"That was masterful. Pete led a dynamic workshop for us. This was by far the most meaningful, important, and enjoyable PD day I've attended in my entire career."

Teacher in Delaware

"I just wish you guys (Kristin and Pete) would move into our school full-time!"

superintendenT in New York

"Two days later and they are still thinking about your message. Nice work!"

Teacher in New York

"I thought Kristin's book was thought provoking and the points that she spoke about were well developed. I always appreciate gathering more "tools" and insight for working with our kids. In my opinion, Friday's conference was time very well spent!"

Washington ASCD President, Janet Reggae

"Kristin is amazing! Kristin brings her real life stories, her expertise and her experiences as a mental health specialist to the school setting. She brings her passion and energy as she educates staff on dealing with students of trauma.
Kristin is a fabulous presenter, she is the real deal -EVERY educator should have the privilege of hearing Kristin's message to support all students. Kristin is easy to work with and very flexible!"

Assistant Superintendent in Washington

"Kristin Souers has worked with our district over several years and staff members keep asking for her to return! Kristin is knowledgeable and engages her audience. She is a quality speaker."

Assistant Principal in California

"Kristin Souers is a premier expert on Trauma Informed practices, helping to empower both educators and students through the use of trauma informed practices and strategies that truly transform a school. Her expertise with regards to fostering resilient learners sets students and educators on a path for significant success that can change the culture of the school in a positive and powerful way. As a consultant, Kristin provides meaningful professional development for staff, teaches students about their brain and regulating emotions, offers in-classroom coaching for teachers demonstrating effective strategies for a trauma informed approach, specifically shows how to implement strategies across the school campus, provides workshops for families to discuss ways to incorporate these strategies at home, creating a bridge between the school and families, and gives purposeful feedback to help address challenges along the way. This proactive and in-depth approach yields much success."

Principal in Pennsylvania

"I am honored to be able to recommend Kristin Souers in her work which positively impacted the children, staff and members of our community. We had the pleasure of welcoming Kristin in November of 2016 as part of a federal grant to our school district, as a continuation of our efforts to better assist children with social and emotional challenges.
As part of the grant, Kristin was asked to speak with all third, fourth and fifth grade students in the school district. Kristin used the time to reinforce messages of what it means to be ‘learning ready’ with students. She shared accessible and understandable language of our ‘upstairs brain and downstairs brain’ and how students can recognize their own stressors to better cope with challenges. Her energy and excitement were infectious; the children were highly engaged in all of the schools she visited. In addition, students discussed how the language and themes of being ‘ready learners’ can be used both at home and at school, with particular focus on understanding oneself, building resiliency and learning from setbacks. Finally, teachers and staff were encouraged to use similar language with students to help reinforce the message, which I am pleased to report continued long after her visit.
Kristin also shared a more scholarly presentation with members of our school administrative team, and concluded the evening with an engaging community discourse. Kristin’s book Fostering Resilient Learners was the catalyst that helped us in our efforts to better engage families and the larger community in this most important work. I highly recommend any school district bringing her to their community – you will be most pleased with her hopeful and inspiring message!"

Teacher in Kentucky

"Today, I attended [a professional development opportunity] about creating a trauma sensitive classroom. Her book was highly recommended in a training I attended in January, and again in the co-teaching cadre. After reading her book in it's entirety, I was eager to hear her speak. It was a great day. Thank you for organizing this. It energized me for this upcoming school year, and will help me to grow and improve for my students."

Principal in Washington

"Kristin's dynamic personality is mesmerizing. She leads staff through very strenuous and thought provoking change by asking challenging questions framed in a way that is non-threatening and encouraging. Kristin facilitates learning that builds upon individual strengths, but does not let people "off the hook". She asks questions and plants seeds strategically, ultimately gaining the respect of those she supports and works with. Kristin is a team player and willing to do whatever it takes to help ALL staff understand their importance in the culture of the school environment and education as a whole. Kristin is fun, loving, knowledgeable and will forever be a part of our own school culture."

Associate Superintendent of Instruction in Wisconsin

"We invited Kristin to keynote our Rebuilding for Learning Summit in 2016. The Summit is a collaboration between our city, county, and school district with an average annual attendance of well over 1,200. Within the composition of attendees, we have over 35 front-line organizations serving youth and families including educators, law enforcement, county social workers, major medical facilities, numerous non-profits alongside various for profit businesses, etc.
With that backdrop, any group seeking a dynamic person who effectively melds expertise, personality, audience engagement, and caring -- who happens to also be a world class presenter -- you'll want to contact Kristin Souers. If that sounds like hyperbole, you should know that our teacher union subsequently invited Kristin back to present at the Western Wisconsin Education Conference, and countless groups started book studies around her co-authored book entitled, Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom. The learning and discussions (and the professional relationship with Kristin), has continued far beyond her speaking engagements. Kristin is "user friendly" for any conference or professional development planner(s), and her content knowledge is certainly salient for those working with contemporary youth and families. At the conclusion of each one of our Summits we ask for attendee feedback, below is a brief glimpse of what folks had to share regarding Kristin:
'I would have liked to spend more time with Kristin Souers. She could have stayed all day as her work was hands down the BEST.'
'Kristin's information was very engaging.'
'I was encouraged by Kristin and learned a great deal.'"

Principal in California

"Working with Kristin Souers was transformational for our school. In less than two years, we were able to change the climate and culture of our school for the better. The kids and adults alike sure do love our brain lady."

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