We have dedicated our careers to helping create and maintain a nest for kids;

A place where children are OK to be not-OK, where they learn, grow, and develop in a safe, predictable, consistent environment so when it comes time to fly, 

They soar.

Forever changed, not forever damaged.
— Kristin Souers


We strive to partner with systems and communities to develop resilience in children, particularly through professional development, coaching, and consultation with professionals working in education, mental health, early learning, and other community settings.



We envision a future where children and adults feel fully supported by their community, know they are capable of making a difference in their lives and their world, and are prepared for successful futures. 


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All too often, we reduce students to their experiences and make decisions about their capabilities based on those experiences. Changing our focus enables us to concentrate on nurturing the whole child and creating trauma-sensitive learning environments for all students.
— Fostering Resilient Learners by Kristin Souers and Pete Hall, Page 16

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